Stracchino Pizza – first attempt

My first attempt, using this recipe for a pizza base. It was mediocre, since I used regular plain flour. I think I will attempt this again with Italian Tipo ‘00’ flour next time as I wasn’t happy with the amount of “stretched” gluten even with the right amount of kneading.





Stracchino has got to be one of my favorite vices. I love it best left at room temperature, when it’s melted into a soft gooey cream and served with antipasto. While I was buying Stracchino off the friendly man at Pasanella, he recommended that it was a great cheese to use on pizza. It is normally used in a Piadini or a Calzone but a great melting cheese. The texture became similar to a buffalo mozzarella after it’s been baked, but so very indulgent. I was a little light on the cheese on the first one, but we more than made up for it on the second pizza. No photos on the second pizza, as we ate it in darkness during Earth Hour.

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