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My colleague Megan and I were interviewed on our views about small bars, and how we have shifted our drinking culture from glamorous venues that hold 500+ to the new intimate locations that fit no more than 50 that are now popping up all over in Sydney. There is something very alluring and comforting about small bars, as corny as my reference to Cheers sounds, it is a place “where everybody knows your name” – and I assure you, it’s nothing like the relationship with a nightclub bouncer to skip the queue outside. It’s about friendship and interaction between staff and patron, hanging out in a venue that you would treat like your own friend’s home. The small space brings a certain level of respect between diners and drinkers and the atmosphere is generally very casual and inviting.

We are by no means dissing the larger clubs out there, but it is nice to know you can have the same quality (if not better) of cocktails and food without adhering to guest-lists, dress codes, and that huge bouncer who knows your name… for all those nights when we are too tired to be fabulous ;-)

Little smitten – small bars winning women over


July 9, 2010
Raising jars to small bars ... Amanda Ibrahim, 28, and Megan Khoury, 31, enjoy a drink after work at the Grasshopper Bar on Temperance Lane in the Sydney CBD.
Raising jars to small bars … Amanda Ibrahim, 28, and Megan Khoury, 31, enjoy a drink after work at the Grasshopper Bar on Temperance Lane in the Sydney CBD.Photo: Kate Geraghty

Tired of being hassled by drunk men, women are ditching pubs and nightclubs for small bars.

For Megan Khoury, 31, the new small bars feel safer and are more civilised.

”Guys can’t get away with just swaggering up to you and making some bad call,” she said. ”I choose the small, funky, intimate bars to have that personalised experience with the staff, and to feel comfortable.”

Her co-worker Amanda Ibrahim, 28, said the friendly vibe was important: ”Larger places like the Ivy are not as casual and they’re almost a bit sleazy. In the small bar environment, it’s really just about the company you’re with and having nice drinks and food without pretentiousness.”

Their favourite bars are Sticky Bar, Balcony Bar and the quirky Grasshopper Bar where drinks are served in recycled jars.

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    I do agree with you, the culture in the small bar environments really beat the boring nightclubs.

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    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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