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We’ve all been wondering what Shaun Presland has been planning since his departure from Ivy Teppanyaki. He’s been spotted recomposing the lunch menu at the Argyle to the tune of “turning Japanese”, and now he has opened a new restaurant in what was once the Argyle functions area – named Saké , under the Bavarian Hospitality Group.

sakerestaurantsakerestaurant (2)

The restaurant had that inviting brand new smell as the aroma from the cedar wood hit me when I walked in. It was lovely to see lots of familiar faces from the Teppanyaki crew. The walls are decorated with barrels of Kozaemon Sake (the Nakashima Saké Brewing Company’s signature label) and handmade in the mountains of Japan’s Gifu prefecture. Shaun is the sole importer of the 300 year old brewery in Australia.

sakerestaurant (1)
Before I settle myself into various types of Sake I thought I would start with a ‘Skinny Sumo’ (Shochu Tantakatan, lime juice, shiso leaf, vanilla sugar & sparkling wine). The addition of shiso leaf in a cocktail really gives this a fresh edge.

There are numerous nuances from Shaun’s past restaurants floating in the menu, such as the new style sashimi from Nobu, the spicy salmon salad from Teppan, or the perfectly manicured Philadelphia rolls from Sushi-E… all dishes that lacked “the vibe” after Shaun’s departure. I welcome them back with open arms.

Without further ado – let me show you the awesomeness that is Sake Restaurant:

spider maki & other nigiri
fried soft-shell crab, cucumber & mayowith spicy tobiko, chives & ponzu
sakerestaurant (3)

tartare trio
tuna with wasabi soy, salmon with ponzu & kingfish with ceviche dressing
sakerestaurant (4)

tuna avocado salad with shiso & bubuarare tossed in mustard soy
sakerestaurant (5)

grilled scampi
split whole scampi with lemon & green-tea salt & daikon tsuma
sakerestaurant (6)

butter-soy salmon
grilled, crispy skinned New Zealand salmon with butter soy & lemon
sakerestaurant (7)

beef tataki
seared tenderloin with garlic chips, chives, radish & tataki sauce
sakerestaurant (8)

green-apple mille-feuille
green-apple mousse with layers of crispy thin pastry & vanilla-bean sauce
sakerestaurant (9)

matca bombe alaska
green-tea ice-cream wrapped in sponge & meringue, baked & served with white-chocolate sauce
sakerestaurant (10)sakerestaurant (11)

There’s something for everyone – even a kid’s menu, gluten free options, and a “no raw” menu (for all of the unadventurous ones out there), and a great functions menu offering. Ask Rupert about their upcoming sake tasting events!

Saké Restaurant & Bar contemporary japanese cuisine

12 Argyle Street The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000

Tel +61(2) 9259 5656 Fax +61(2) 9241 1613

the mountains of Japan’s Gifu prefecture. With a family brewing history spanning over
300 years, the passion & commitment involved in cultivating the purest of ingredients
produces a truly special wine. This boutique brewery’s dedication to its craft & the quality
of its product is why Executive Chef Shaun Presland selected Nakashima as our Saké
partner, & we are proud to be the sole importers of Kozaemon in Australia.
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8 Comments to Saké Restaurant

  1. Yas's Gravatar Yas
    Nov 16, 2009 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    Ohh Sake!
    I’ve been to the restaurant, and I loved the atmosphere there! You are totally right, they’ve got something for everyone. :)

  2. Dec 13, 2009 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Still interested to see how good their sake is though…

    Their tartare trio looks highly esoteric and amusing, does this place give Azuma a run for its money?

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