Just a tip… at a cocktail lounge

 A cocktail normally takes around 2 minutes to make. That makes sense doesn’t it? A good cocktail requires good measures of spirits, sometimes a muddling of fresh fruit, herbs, puree or syrups. It is then shaken in a boston until the temperature is nice and cold, then strained into a chilled glass; and garnished. If you don’t make cocktails for a living, it would probably take you over 5 minutes.

So if you’re getting annoyed with 6 of your silly friends because you ordered 6 different cocktails, don’t complain that the service is slow, because guess what? 
a) you’re not the only person in the bar we’re serving and
b) it will take more than 12 minutes to make 6 cocktails

And if you’re arriving 10 minutes before the bar closes and you order a selection of cocktails – then you proceed to leave zero tip? That’s also going to piss the bartender off, when most of the fresh ingredients have been stored away, and ice is running low. How about a glass of champagne or a beer next time?

One more thing. Frozen cocktails are tacky. Save it for your next trip to Club Med. If you’re in a classy joint, don’t order s strawberry daiquiri, or anything with cream and chocolate in it. You’re not in highschool anymore.

There, I’ve said it. Something we’ve ALWAYS wanted to tell customers but can’t. /rant

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